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    SW anti graffiti topcoat

    • Product Name:SW anti graffiti topcoat
    • Product number:SWFJ18003

    Product Description

    This anti graffiti topcoat is a solvent-based coating synthesized with special modified fluorocarbon and resin, which has excellent surface performance and room temperature curing. The coating film has low surface tension, outstanding hydrophobicity and oil repellency, and exhibits outstanding water droplet effect and peeling ability. The coating has extraordinary non stickiness, can prevent oily writing, and can keep all graffiti pigments on the surface, making it easy to thoroughly clean. It also has extraordinary weather resistance.

    Main purpose

    Used for the surface of public buildings (such as station signs, electric poles, street light poles, telephone booths, and various signs) and landscape buildings, to extend their service life and reduce the cost and maintenance costs of urban appearance construction and management. Suitable for surfaces of steel, aluminum alloys, composite materials, marble, cement, bricks, tiles, wood, etc.

    For more detailed information, please contact the sales engineer.

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